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On AOL, how can you delete all (5000) email at one time?

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Not using webmail.  Use AOL 9.1 (or earlier) or a third-party e-mail program (like Thunderbird).  Then you can easily highlight all messages and delete them.

From: Angelique

 I think you go to settings and go to change and then select e-mail and it will get rid of all your e-mails.

How in the HELL should I know. I was the one asking the question in the first place. How can one, remove (erase) in one step , all your messages, which have, by their sheer numbers (the maximum), have stopped the input of any new message. AOl has no ability of informing anyone of finding that secret. I have been referred to websites which would answer the question if I paid them to do it.

So, one more time AOL, how does one erase accumulated e-mail in one step?

at the bottom next to my folders click manage folders and than you can empty the inbox folder

To delete 5000+ AOL e-mails at a time, go to your e-mail page and click on edit on the tool bar at top. Click on select all. This will highlight all the mail in your box. Then just hit delete and watch them go away.

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