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How do I make AOL.com my home page?

How do I make AOL.com my home page?

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If you would like to set AOL.com as your homepage, then you have come to the right place! Your AOL.com home page gives you easy access to many of the things you want to see while online, including email inbox, local and national news headlines and local weather. You can also search for websites, images, videos, news articles and more. You can also customize your home page with modules such as news, weather, colors and themes.

To set your AOL.com as your home page:

1. Go to www.aol.com.

2. Click "Make AOL Your Home Page" at the top of your AOL.com page.

3. Click "Make AOL.com My Home Page".

4. Select "Use this webpage as your only home page" and click "Yes".

You're done! From this point on, you will never have to type ''AOL.com'' into your browser again!

I have tried this so many times I can't even tell you, but I can tell you it doesn't work!!!!!

It made itself my homepage several times today all by itself!  I change it back to facebook and every time I reboot, firefox pops up with that horrid AIM and aol is my home page....I cannot use my computer now because it is freezing so much from this junk and it won't uninstall, they tell me to call back later when I call aol and there is no way to get it off my computer!  I deleted it from all programs but there it is, just like the old dial up  AOL I never could cancel for years in spite of them filling my computer with crap and never staying on line long enough to even check email....

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