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My password wont work and i havent changed it. I ...

My password wont work and i havent changed it. I cant log in to change my password now and dont remember the information i used to create the account. I'm using aim and i just made this account.What do I do?

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Christine, you did not say WHAT kind of password, for what service...email service. loging onto operting system (o/s) e.i. windows login, a special program.??

one problem I have is that I have the "twitters", that is my finger taps more then once when I type a letter. I have to catch mysely that I don't type a single letter twice. I also REVERSE letters when I type passwords. Capital letters when you don't need them.(the "caps lock" is right next to the shift" (temperary capital key) I sometimes press the "caps lock" and everything after that comes out capatalized.

2nd.Cristine, You can get a new password .If you don't want to forget the old one...just add 123 if you have letters at the end of the password or XX (capitalized) or xx (small) if the password ends with numbers. That way you don "forget" the old password.

3rd Contact the service (Juno.com, hotmail.com, Hulu.com, etc.) to change your password service if you can't remember the information used to create the a/c. Ask them to help you.

its for aim so i cant get into my aim chat or access my email

also, the saved one on the login is not working either so its not like im mistyping


Christine, the best advice I can give you is to just reset your password. For more information on your problem you can refer to the help article below (just click the title to link). Please let me know if this helps.


Password help for AOL and AIM

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