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Got a new computer. Started AOL9.6 on new computer ...

Got a new computer. Started AOL9.6 on new computer. Had AOL 9.1 on old computer. The mail I had saved to AOL transferred to new computer but mail saved to PC did not. I tried to resave it to AOL on old computer hoping it would automatically transfer to new AOL but it did not. What can I do?

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There are a couple of other ways to transfer the Saved On My PC/PFC e-mails to the new computer, other than those mentioned in the help files. If you sign on to AOL on the old computer, and transfer the e-mails from the "Saved on My PC" folders to the "Saved On AOL" folder, then you will be able to see those e-mails in the "Saved On AOL" folder on the new computer - your original folders/organization will not be there, but the actual e-mails themselves will be viewable on the new computer. You could then transfer them to the "Saved On My PC" subfolders on the new computer.

You could also transfer the PFC file from the old computer to a portable USB stick or thumb drive, although the are more steps involved. It is best to copy the file that just has your username with no extension after it from the old computer to the thumb drive. Rename that file to "(your username).pfc" - insert your username in the "(your username)" field, of course. Then create a new subfolder called "Old PFC" (or something like that) on the new computer, under the "Saved On My PC" folder. You can them move the thumb drive from the old computer to the new computer, and transfer the yourusername.pfc file from the thumb drive to the newly-created "Old PFC" subfolder. The help files that AOLMailAnandh posted will give you further guidance on this option.


Hope this helps.

I have 9.1 on disc (not sure how to get that to you) and I can email you 9.0 SE version.

no i dont have no disk to load it with


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