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Why has AOL closed my account?

I have been an AOL customer for 9 years. I use it for my business. AOL has closed my account and I need it reinstated. My plan does not include live help. Can anyone help me?

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This same thing just happened to me.  What happened? Did you get the  acoount reinstated?  Help please.

Mary, I've been an AOL user for 11 years and they did the same thing to me. I was sending out e-mails for my daughters photograpy businesss. 11 in one day and they shut us down. They've done this several times before and we use to be able to call and they would turn us back on. Now they want us to send a letter and they will investigate then decide if they will turn the account back on. My daughter and I both had our business accounts with AOL and they have hurt us terribly. We will not be at AOL's mercy!!! I now understand they they are doing this to a lot of people. We have all opened up g-mail accounts, we love them and have had zero problems.  Best of luck!!! Esther

They did the same thing to me.. 9 years business account they told me to send a letter to:


22000 AOL WAY

DULLES , VA. 20166

to reopen the account.

I called the 800 billing # and they told me a reply was mailed on 5/23/2009, one month later I still have not got the letter.

They did the same thing to me after 9 years. No recourse. No one to speak to. I need my emails. We need to initiate a class action lawsuit. Any lawyers out there willing to go after this horrible company?

same thing happened with me...been aol customer for over 18 years...I was very aggressive in trying to resolve the closure of the acount..and guess what..got slammed by call centers...(they kept telling me) ...unable to access your account..I  continued...to getsometype of  answer...Finally I got a aol.billing rep...he acknowledged my account under "suspension"..no further information available...this is really strange.. I heard the same answer...someone will call you in 24 hours...but I never received any call or inquiry...SAD thing is that if they had called...the "suspension" would have been resolved..there are HUGE problems with AOL...I've moved on..too G-Mail...the AOL arrogrance is  unforgivable...and its lack of resolve is even worst... unbelievable they stil in business...I am still shocked that after 18 years of paying their "rate"  they treated me so poorily...I rest my case:  they are FIRED..and desevre to be JOBLESS

Multiply what you see above by tens of thousands or perhaps millions over the last 20 years ... and thats just part of why so many hate AOL.  

ROBonYEDDA@YAHOOl.com Wisdom comes from Study, Travel & Life experiences! MY YEDDA CONCEPT IS: Good questions deserve good answers; Poor ones deserve a quick/poor answer. Dumb or silly, deserves same ... and the occasional but inevitable Idiots are best just ignored.

Same happened to me. After many years of being with them and not having really any problems my accounts was suddenly closed. I called them...they turned it back but on the way they sold me on some $4.99 a month plan. Called today to get off this plan..and I did and at the end of my conversation with summary the call rep said something that they reserve a right to close my account...blah blah. Didn't listen really because as of today it is beginning of the  good bye to aol......switching to more respectful providers...

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