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I am an IT Support Technician and I recently ran into a situation on mom's computer where her AOL 9.7 was freezing up quite a bit and her solution is always to pull out an old 9.0 version and install ...


I apologize for the inconvenience. We recently moved the AOL System Information Tool to a different menu. Please open AOL Desktop 9.7 > click on Help > and select Launch System Information.

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I already tried that along with right-clicking on the AOL Icon in the notification area and launching the system information utility that way, which did not work. So, figuring that it was an operating system issue, I re-formatted mom's hard drive and re-installed all windows system updates from Microsoft, which took up a lot of time, I might add. Then I downloaded and re-installed AOL 9.7 version 4343.30 again and ran into the same problem... NO SYSTEM INFORMATION TOOL!!! So I went and dug a little deeper into this by launching the Windows Explorer tool and going to:

C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\aol downloads\waol\0.4343.30.1\comps\acs\

and I clicked on the setup.exe file and re-installed the AOL Connectivity Service Tool and after I did this, I was able to access the AOL System Information Tool again.

So you all have a problem in that AOL Connectivity Service Adapter, which your software relies on to make a connection, is not correctly installing when the initial setup file for AOL 9.7 version 4343.30 is downloaded and ran from your download site at:


I have now ran into this problem not only on mom's computer, but now on several others that I have deployed AOL 9.7 on and because the AOL System Information is initially missing on the initial software install, I could not simply use it to re-build the AOL Connectivity Service Adapter. I was able to fix this on my end, but others may not know about this flaw in your software and this is a flaw that you all need to fix in the next release.

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