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AOL System Information Tool is not installing or working in AOL 9.7

I am an IT Support Technician and I recently ran into a situation on mom's computer where her AOL 9.7 was freezing up quite a bit and her solution is always to pull out an old 9.0 version and install it over her 9.7 version, which works temporary, but then she ends up with the same problem and has to call me to come and fix it, which I normally do by uninstalling all copies of AOL from her computer, including the old ones that she puts back on, cleaning out her hard drive and then re-installing AOL 9.7. But this time, when I downloaded the most current version of AOL 9.7 from


and then installed it, I noticed that the AOL System Information Tool is no longer installing and I can no longer run it to help keep mom's system in top shape, which is what I used this tool for. Now why is this? Why have you all taken it out of AOL 9.7 for. If you all are going to continue to market your software to older people, like my mom, then you have a responsibility to support it. I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling AOL 9.7 several times and the same result happens every time, NO AOL System Information Tool. My mom is running Windows XP Service Pack 3, 1 GB of RAM, 512 Mb of Video RAM, AMD Athlon XP 1,500+ Processor. The computer is a Compaq 6012RSH Desktop. So what in the hell is going on here? Why have you all removed the AOL System Information Tool from your software distributions for?

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I apologize for the inconvenience. We recently moved the AOL System Information Tool to a different menu. Please open AOL Desktop 9.7 > click on Help > and select Launch System Information.

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having the same issue, did you find a solution? bndallenbj@aol.com

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