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Is this AOL Service Announcement validation of my account a scam?

Is this for real? I have tried to email AOL Customer Service but can't get an email address. When I clicked on the "click here" it comes up in German with no English translation.   




Due to the congestion in all AOL users and removal of all unused AOL Accounts,AOL would be shutting down all unused Accounts
You will have to confirm your AOL account. So you are required to logon to your Online AOL Account with the provided link below
For immediate access,  CLICK HERE to validate your account 

NB: Failure to to update your AOL account will result to a permanent closure of account

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I wondered the same thing when I received this email.  Sounds phish'y to me.  To be on the safe side, going to delete.

Yes this is a phishing scam. If you check the email address that it was sent from it is not a legitimate AOL source.  The bad grammar and sentence structure made me suspicious so, I checked it out!

I have continued to also receive this message and it comes from this email address: AOL_Update sherigreen@mindspring.com.... Has anyone had any luck in getting a confirmed response from AOL? I haven't.

They are still on this scam. I received an identical email from someone else this morning. 19th May 2013

I have been receiving one of these emails almost daily for over 6 months. Sometimes, but rarely, from a sender with an aol account. I have been consistently ignoring/deleting them, and my account has still not been shut down. I would obviously like to know for sure, but am unable to contact anyone at aol to confirm and am too wary to open or click on any attached links.

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