Why did AOL screw thousands of people by closing the message boards?

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Because the message boards wasn't big enough for their advertising. It's all about the $$ with AOL. NEVER click on their advertising links. That will teach them.

Agreed! Do NOT click on any of the ads. This will teach them .

Because they're assholes of the highest order.

Hey Angie!!  You are 100% correct!  I will NEVER use this stupid AOL Answers crap.  Google is far faster.

I would hope AOL subscribers get a bill reduction, seeing as part of the service has been removed

Because this is an election year and AOL is owned by left wing Obama radicals and they do not want any conservatives writing any bad things about Obama in the message boards.It is an attempt to stifle debate.

But --guess what? I will write bad things about Obama here? He is a Muslim ,is not a natural born citizen and is not legitimately President.He is also a traitor to this nation because he will not follow the "rule of law" and our Constitution by securing our borders with armed military and deporting all illegals.

reduction in the bill? who pays for AOL? Its crap. They dont care about any of us in here-thus this format! this is the stupidest thing I have seen in a long time

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