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Where are the aol message boards?

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They've been gone for 7 months and you just noticed they're missing? Were you hibernating?

I'm afraid life got in the way, leaving not much free time for the boards.  It's a shame they  are gone though!  I didn't post much but enjoyed reading..agreeing with some, disagreeing with some, laughing and learning a bit too.   Thanks for the answer. 

The message boards were the best thing AOL had. Thousands of people used them. There were basically little communities on each board. Then AOL decided that their customers didn't matter so they replaced the message boards with this nonsense so they could sell more ad space. Only problem is most of the "ads" on here are spam posted by dumb foreigners and AOL doesn't get 1 penny of revenue from them, and they don't even seem to care.

Anonymous, I miss the good people posting on the message boards, but overall I don't miss the boards.  The boards that I frequented, we had bullies.  Not trolls but bullies.  Regulars who thought they owned the boards and when they didn't like someone, they would try to bully that person into leaving. They would call people names, insult them, belittle them, and try very hard to make them leave.  ALL because some people were different, or thought differently, or believed in things differently.  I was one of the ones who the bullies tried to chase off, but I stayed strong, and never allowed them to win.  The sad part was that many of the good people left the boards because of all of the nastiness and arguing going on.  We lost MANY good posters because of that.  When AOL did away with the monitors, that when those boards went downhill and were chaotic and hostile so much of the time.  It was a pets message board, but most of the threads weren't about pets, OR, if someone tried to start a thread about pets, it usually got turned into a bashing thread, and then people got disgusted and left.  In the end I had 10 people filtered, but even that didn't really help, because the bullies would just go in and make up a new screen name, and still would post their insults, OR, they would ask their buddies to quote what they had said about me, to make sure I still saw their posts.  The bullies didn't care AT ALL about the good of the board.  All they cared about was bashing and trashing those who they hated.  So I'm glad that the AOL boards are gone, and I haven't missed them at all.  I use FB to keep up with my friends, and the great thing about FB is that the bullies can no longer go on the attack!



I left the boards a long time ago, but came back for a final farewell, right before they closed. So sad :(

Believe in yourself. You are more than you know...

Unfortunately, the board that I was on, people were being nasty right to the very end.  I was hoping that maybe the last several days, people would turn that board around and at least have it look inviting, for those who wanted to come back in and say goodbye. But the bullies wouldn't even allow that to happen.  The next to the last day someone even had the nerve to start a thread about me, and it was very demeaning in the title, just so that they could get as many last digs in as possible.  It's sad that they couldn't even think about their fellow posters on the last few days.  Needless to say, on the last day, there was only a handful of posters on the board, and right to the very end, the bullies were still trying their best to get those last digs in. What it really showed though was a bunch of self righteous and egotistical adults acting like little children, who just had to have the last word. 

We moved several of our AOL boards to Yahoo.  I wish all our boards had gone there.  I miss some of my old friends.Frown

It's funny how I remember this, LOL , but I actually remember very well how the whole thing got started with people attacking me and then eventually started with the name calling. It all started on the Poodle boards, sometime late 2000, or maybe it was 2001. At that time, I mostly read posts, and just occasionally posted. Stacy was her name ( I even remember her screen name on the board, but I won't reveal it). Anyway, she was being really nasty to this one poster, and I didn't think that was right, so I stood up and said something. All I said was that I didn't think what she said to the poster was very nice. I didn't attack Stacy in a personal way, and in fact, I thought I was really nice about getting my point across. In fact, I think I even apologized to Stacy at one point, and telling her that I wasn't actually attacking her personally, just sharing my opinion about what one poster said to another poster. But it was too late. After that, I was then on her 'hit list', all the way until she finally left the board for good. And of course she had 'friends' who stayed and continued with the attacks. It wasn't every day attacks, but they would always look for words that I said in posts, and then twist those words around to make it look worse than it was. All the way until the boards closed up in Feb. of 2012. Just egotistical adults trying to act all high and mighty, acting like little children. Never knew adults acted like that until I posted on those boards, lol. And that was how it all started, lol. All BECAUSE I chose to share a very strong opinion against someone who was being mean to another poster.

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