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It'll NEVER happen!  They're too deep into what they've done.  They'd have to start from the very beginning again and they don't have the resources to do so. 


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There's talk that they'll be back in the middle of spring .


If the boards ever do come back, they should go back to having monitors, to keep the boards running smoothly.  The boards that I frequented, there was so much chaos and hatred on them.  People bullying people, and just about every thread, there would be nasty comments made about others.  And that made it hard for everyone to enjoy their board reading.  The filter button never helped because if someone was 'determined' to make sure a certain person saw their post, that person would just go in and make up a new screen name, or ask their friends to quote what they said.  It's too bad that so many adults have to act like children, but in order for everyone to have an enjoyable board to go to, AOL really would need to get people to monitor the boards and keep the peace.


AOL used to have monitors, and it was so much better for everyone.  All they would have to do is have one person assigned to each board, and monitor that board a couple of times a day.  Automatically take nasty comments off, and give warnings to those who are being troublemakers.  If a poster continuously causes problems, ban them from being able to go back to that board.  But don't just ban THEM.  Ban their AOL account, so they wouldn't be able to go in and make up new screen names, and come back under a different name.   I'm all for being fair and give as many warnings as possible, but if someone is obviously bullying certain people and just overall constantly attacking them, and causing disruption, then that doesn't make for an enjoyable board for anyone. 


However, I'm all for giving people second chances.  If the troublemakers truly are sorry and would promise to behave in a civilized manner, then the ban should be lifted, and they should be able to come back to post.  It would just depend.  If it's a constant thing and it's obvious that the troublemakers aren't going to change, then they really do need to be out of there for good.


This is just my take on if the boards ever did come back.


AOL is a business, and as with any business, there are rules that all people must abide by, when they are in that business.


As an example, if I'm in a business, I expect to be able to be in that business without anyone coming up to me and being belligerent toward me.  If they want to come up to me and talk nicely to me ( and if I have the time to talk with them), I'll all for that.  OR, if I'm not interested in talking with them, then I would just ignore them and continue on my way with doing whatever I was doing.   But if they're belligerent toward me, I then would have the right to tell the manager/owner of that business ( or, in this case, AOL), and expect them to give that person a warning. If the person is still being belligerent, then I would expect that business to ban that person from ever coming back in there.  People can't just go into a business and cause disruption.  Every business out there has rules and regulations that all people must abide by. If people don't want to abide by those rules, then absolutely, they SHOULD be banned from ever coming back in.


The example above is exactly the same as with message boards. Everyone has the right to go onto an AOL message board and enjoy their board reading. If you don't like that someone is responding nicely to your posts, then just ignore that person and continue on with your board posting.  But you do NOT have the right to be belligerent toward that person, calling them names, and putting them down. And especially over and over again.  AOL had rules that all posters needed to go by, and if people didn't want to abide by those rules ( or thought they were above those rules), then they should not be allowed to come back in.


It's just common sense, and all adults should know that.

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