Is AOL aware of why their stock continues to tank ...

Is AOL aware of why their stock continues to tank?  All they need to do is look to the Huffpost moderators logs in order to see how they are destroying AOL readership!  Random censorship of comments that do not violate TOS?  Really, and you expect people to stick around for that?  Dream on!  Get rid of the dead wood, they are killing you.  There are far more conservatives around than you seem to realize...

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AOL's stock has been tanking for years because whenever they make a decision, like eliminating their best product (message boards), it's always the wrong decision. Anyone who has downloaded the "new and improved" AOL 9.7 with all it's glitches knows what I'm talking about.

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It was a rhetorical question.  I hope AOL will finally address this issue.  I have stuck around with AOL for a long time and hope to see them do right by their stock holders and loyal customers.  C'mon AOL, you know the right thing, now do it!  I seldom bother with AOL articles since they allowed the Huff post debacle!  Fix it please!

Far right extremists do not know what the stock market is.

That really did not apply anonymous coward!

Do you have a clue what your are talking about. It is apparent you know nothing about investing. This blog is a very very small fraction of AOL. I know I'm wasting my time explaining this to you but it's money is made by advertisers all over the world. AOL's 52 week range is 10.06-27.44 and yesterdays close was 25.58 AOL's quarterly report comes out today and it is expected to have increase in advertising revenue. I know you don't have a clue what I have just stated. Please stick to what low income far right extremists are good at spreading lies and far right racist hate.

Far right extremists are the dumbest people God put on the planet.

Hahahaha!  Enjoy your nickel AC!  Hahaha!

The market is down but AOL is up 3.24% at 26.41.

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