How can I move aol 9.7 email saved on computer to new computer

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You can copy the PFC (Personal Filing Cabinet) from a computer with AOL 9.x to another computer.  Mail saved "on my PC" has to be transferred if you get a new machine or a clean install.

The PFC containing mail "saved on my PC" and Favorite places is a file yourScreenName with no extension. Use Tools, Folder Options, View, show hidden files and folders.  For Vista and 9.7, C:\(hidden folder)Program Data\AOL\C_AOL Desktop 9.7\organize .  There is a backup under C_AOL Desktop 9.7\backup.  You can also copy to 9.0 or 9.5 but 10.1 is different.  Use keyword Startup Settings, uncheck Enable Fast Start, exit AOL before replacing the file.  You might also have a saved file in a folder AOL Saved PFC on the desktop if you uninstalled AOL.

Mail, Mail Settings, Manage Saved Mail gives you options to make a Backup, Restore from backup, or Compact the PFC.  If the PFC is very big (maybe over 100MB) it may get corrupted. You can Restore from the backup, which may be up to 4 weeks old (and missing the most recent mail) or it could be from yesterday.  If that works, you can Compact to keep it manageable. If you are transferring to a new computer, Backup first, then Compact, and check that all your folders are still there. 

You can mail the PFC to yourself if it is less than 16 MB.  Or you can copy it to a CD or a USB drive.  You can even save the CD for backup.

If you need to compare files to check what is in each one, you can rename the backup file to have extension .PFC and then it can be opened using AOL menu, File, Open.  You are supposed to be able to drag files and folders from one PFC to another.

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