This anti-Semitic website is very disturbing ... what to do about it?

This anti-Semitic

website is very disturbing.  What do you think?  What can we do about it?  It comes up on google when you type "Jew." 
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Taking into account the fact that the Internet is a place for free expression, nothing. Everyone is free to express his opinions, anti-semitic, zionist or any other conception. It is one of the fundamental human rights.

If you are offended by the website (and it is understandable), the best you can do is not to visit it again.

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From my strictly SEO-oriented point of view the most simple answer is: NOT, under any circumstances NOT, I repeat NOT to do what you've just done. You put an open link to the website you (and I too) disagree with from a descent internet resource (Yedda) thus increasing the popularity of that very website. It's one of the most stupid things to do to say this is what I disagree with a href. Have you ever heared about nofollow? You've just increased the popularity of that site by several degrees!!!!

Mind you it's one of the dirtiest and at the same time one of the most common Black Hat SEO tactics: to set up a hate site and thrive on backlinks from people who actually write against the materials published there.

On the other hand there is a lot you can do if a website is publishing things that are not legal in that jurisdiction. I am not a legal expert hence I can not pronounce any opinion about this particular website but in general terms sites publishing illegal materials including but not limited to hate sites, nazi and rasist propaganda, libel and slander etc. are usually in breach of their hosts T&C and thus can be easily taken down by sending a complaint to their hosting provider. Google as well is rather sensitive about these issues and I know of an example of a site that simply published a consistent critique of one of the well-known multinationals being banned by Google after it was reported (wrongly in my opinion) as containing libeloius statements. If none of the above works you can solve this matter in court as a final resort.

However, my personal stand on a more generic question - how to react to websites you find offencive is simply to IGNORE them. Freedom of speech is something I treasure and therefore I simply don't see myself policing the Internet or taking part in any action of a repressive censorship. I feel too tired for this Frown. Whatever negative action you may take against a site you disagree with will ultimately benefit that very site by creating a massive free publicity for it. The only positive way to fight the flow of information you think is bad is to create an overwhelming stream of good information. This tactic is a bit more difficult than simply to adopt repressive methods but is by far more effective.

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There's also a big difference between people reading this site and people agreeing with the content. I do find the web site disturbing, obviously, that guy is more then a little crazy, however, I'm also happy that he's got his own place in the world to talk freely and openly about whatever he wish. I appreciate that aspect of the internet above all other, and wouldn't give up on it even if it would prevent guys like this saying pretty nasty things.

The nice thing about the internet is that everyone deserve the right to self expression - including you. Instead of attacking this guy (whether generating traffic  to his site is something you want ot do or not) why not start a website of your own about the achievements and struggle of the Israelis \ Jews and educate the public - which is basically what this guy is trying to do with his agenda in mind. 

I think that especially today, with the whole web 2.0 thing - the biggest crime we can do is keep silence.

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Freedom of speech is limited, and it's limited for good reason. Have you ever heard of nambla? Anyway i can't beleive you people think just because more people lookat a website that they will agree to the matterial or the material will be more popular she is showing this website to you so that you can take a stand with her and fight it, but you choose to tellher that it's better to ignore it, but ignorance only breeds more ignorance, it is better to fight it. I saw you should definatley report it to google at least.

I disagree that the Internet is there for free, unfettered expression.  It is not as free as you might think.  Child pornography is illegal to post on the Internet and to store in one's computer.  The reason given is that it is extremely harmful by subjecting children to everlasting embarassment and harassment, and by accelerating the spread of this harmful stuff.  Exactly the same thing can be said about the propagation of anti-Semitism on the Internet.  Unfortunately, anti-Semitic websites and their readers are still protected, though obviously they shouldn't be.

This isn't actually a hate site. The owner actually states in the site he doesn't condone any violence or hatrid towards jews. The site is actually just a history of jewish people. Bare in mind most of recorded history shows jews as either being persacuted or the persacuters.

I think that they should be dumped. There are many criteria for this ranging from hate speech, actions, fomenting to riot in a sense, and just playing "patty cake in the holy water"'s all hateful and damaging in one way or another and I don't believe that was the intent of our First Amendment.


Be Peaceful, (and) "Carry a Big Stick."


"I don't believe in a government that protects us from ourselves." --- Ronald Regan

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