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Would you like to discuss the "Yeddai Petition to End Harassment"? It is located at: http://yedda.com/questions/Yeddai_petition_end_harassment_2737317423179/

Hello Bob,

Ok, I like the thumbs system. The only thing I find wrong with it are the abusers, and they will get tired and leave. I saw it take care of itself a bit yesterday.

I have received most of my thumbs up from the AOL questions. People reading the AOL news and then coming in and posting. They leave a thumbs up or down depending on weather or not they agree with me, and I am always interested in what people think, one way or another.

I also answer a lot of home improvement questions, and DIY questions as well. I have got a lot of thumbs in that area as well, but, not as many replies. I think some people just respond with a thumb up. I know I do a lot of times when I don't have time to comment, I will just give a thumbs up. I have also looked at questions that seem so basic to me, that I can't believe the person is even asking, but again, there are things that are basic to another that are not to me. Ex: How should I get my drywall smooth? Answer: Get a electric sander and some 80 grit paper and sand away. Ok, Now I had to give that guy 2 thumbs down for handing out bad information, followed by the real answer on how to do it. And you don't use a circular saw to cut drywall....LOL.....I guess where I was headed with this is I like to be acknowledged for answering. I spend a half hour one day explaining to a guy how to cut crown moulding and I never heard a word....I am sorry, I am a bit wordy here Bob, but I think the answer is taking care of our own and perhaps a few moderators as well. Anybody who has been around for a while knows what goes on here and who is who, or how many who's. We need to keep a watchful eye and most of all help the new ones that want to get involved here as well.

Well, there's the short version Bob...Laughing....Have a good day my friend........George~


If it's funny, laugh. If it isn't funny, laugh anyway!
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