How do i find your answer on Google

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What you do is go to google and ask the question and a list of places to research will appear. Like "who is Obama" and so many answers will come up and you can read through them until your satisfied.

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How long is a google year?

You can get youtube views from [Famecrowd](, they start delivering the views within the same day and they even have a tracking area for clients.

How do you change wrong info about yourself on a google search?

Is this information connected to a business listing, if this is the case I suggest you check the following info . If the information comes through a third party, another site and google is only the tool you are using to search for the info you should contact the site administrator. Hope this helps ...

Is all question answering websites business model is only relied upon

I think you are asking how to make money with a website. I am pretty sure that why this question came to mind because everybody out there is talking about Google Adsense as a medium to make money with a website. No, its not only the medium. There are many other mediums to make money with a website ...

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You do not mention,What type of money And finance question you want? Ok.If you want to take loan for your business or other sector,you can get loan from bank.But there is some condition.Such as you must have a good credit,paid your taxes,show your business plan,future profit etc.If you fails then ...