Anorexia? Please help!!

I am a 13 year old girl and i'm 5'8. I think i fat i'm always sucking in, i see huge when i look in the mirror but everyone tells me i'm too skinny. i weigh 108 pounds. But i weighed 116 about 5 days ago. I have only been having about 300 or less calories a day, I keep track of everything i eat and how many calories i have that day. I cut out all sugar filled foods and even dr.pepper and other cokes which i usually have 4 a day and i only drink fuzes and water. I have been looking up ways to help reduce your appetite. I constantly go to my grannie's so that i can weigh m self all night. i measured every inch of my body. when i eat more that 300 calories a day, i go crazy and excersise until i almost faint. I told my friend because i started getting worried and she said i need helo but i'm scared theyll give me fat filled foods an ill gain a lot of weight. I have accepted i probably have a problem but i dont want to do anything about it. i doo 500 jumping jacks, 200 sit ups, and a 1 mile walk a day and sometimes more. I feel trapped like i want to eat so bad because im so hungry but i wont dare to. I just got into modeling but havent gotten anything and ive heard of girls that are older, taller and weigh less than me. I don't wanna become a model and look so fat and discusting

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buhchiggs6341, You say you know you have a problem but you don't want to do anything about it? Why? Anorexia will kill you. It killed singer Karen Carpenter. When you don't get enought nutrients, your tissues start to deteriorate. All the organs of your body are affected. You get a heart attack and you die. So you better get help for your problem. Yes, anorexia is a problem, a big dangerous problem. First start with your doctor and get his/her advice. Then look for a good counsellor that specializes in eating disorders.  Talking to a non-partial counsellor will do a world of good in helping you figure out why you are anorexic, and help you to overcome it. 

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First I wouldn't take advise from the Internet so talk to your parents. You need to seek professional help from a doctor with a Medical Degree not a Internet degree. Your body is very important so treat it that way. See a doctor ASAP. 

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Thanks. But do you think i sound anorexic. I don't want to admitt i am but i know i have a problem. I'm still at a healthy weight but that doesn't mean anything.

I don;t want to gain weight. I know that's the only way to fix this. I just want to be thin and i want to be confident

Anorexia can kill!!

At your age, you are actually destroying the foundation for a healthy life by over exercising and under-eating when you should be working on abody that will enable you to become a full-functioning adult. You must find a counselor to help you change your perspective and see yourself as you actually are - an unhealthy, self-destructing adolescent. You must then consult a medical physician experienced in diets to design a healthy regimen to correct your body structure and health.

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You cannot be forced to go to hospital but it is the best way to provide a medical treatment to illness. You can be easily provided with the appropriate Anorexia treatment when you get yourself admitted to hospital.