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I have found using an anonymous proxy to be very helpful in keeping me safe. It took me a long time to find a reliable company because so there are so many spam proxies out there. For the past year now, I've been using a proxy from a software called Private Proxy. When logged in, your original IP address is completely hidden, and you are provided with an option of 4 different servers. Each server has up to 10 different IP's, and everything 30 minutes, your IP will be rotated around the 10 IP's. I have not had any issues with their product, and I have found their employees to be very nice and trustworthy.

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Yup, I have been using such app to hide ip. I'll try yours. http://www.superhideip.com/download.html This is the one I use.

This kinda sounds like an ad, but I thought I'd chime in here, just so people don't get the wrong idea that anonymous proxies are 100% safe and secure. When you connect to a proxy server, your ISP logs and time stamps the connection. When you disconnect from the proxy service, it is logged and time stamped. All your activity is generally still in the server logs of the proxy server, including your IP address (unless they don't keep any records what-so-ever). So, with the right access to logs and a few subpeonas, the authorities could assertain your identity if you were up to no good. Same goes for a lot of the anonymous email sites. Many strip or mask the header information and re-mail them. But your IP "can" be tracked down by a good digital recovery expert. The best thing to do is not send any email and use an anonymous messaging service like the one at silentsender.com. The message stays on their server and the recipient has to go and pick it up.

Anyways- because with any site that promises total anonymity- it is very hard to achieve unless you are working from public terminal and can't be tracked back to it.

Go Silent! The truth will set you free...

I think VPN is the future. You can find free VPN info at http://www.vpnsurfing.com.

Anonymous proxy servers do not transfer the information about your real IP address. That means you are like a ghost in the Internet. Nobody has even a clue about your real location and thus they cannot establish illegal connections to your PC for information stealing purposes.

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Sorry to shatter your hopes of anonymity in the commission of Internet fraud, but each computer, all ISP's, and all chat rooms, assign Internet Protocol Accounts for all users. It isn't just FCC rules that demand that, but the ISP's sense of self preservation that if you do not reliably identify yourself, then you do not get on the 'net -- period. That is why you people spend hours trying to frustrate internet security and fail dismally every time -- because rational persons are smarter than you are. And that is why you so often find yourselves blocked.
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