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Anonymous Answers. The weak us this function to hide behind in their lives. It is a way for the followers to spout off to others, the things they do not have the backbone to say to the world much ...

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all of your choices in life describe you. Keep up with your choices.
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You have an apathetic attitude when you are being corrected by God’s Word (regarding something in your spiritual walk that is not right). Beware, if you say to yourself, "It’s not so bad," or "It will all work out all right, don’t worry." If you do this, you are on very dangerous ground. Someone might warn you not to go here or there, which is in harmony with God’s Word, but you believe it will be all right. You have an indifferent attitude. So you go, fully persuaded nothing will happen.

Then an unexpected accident happens; your vehicle is smashed. You are hospitalized, or permanently injured, or some other thing happens that had not even entered your mind. The unexpected happened. You chose to ignore God’s warning. You did not have God’s protection; you gave a place to the devil to attack you, because you were in disobedience to God’s Word.

Little did Israel suspect, when they brought up an evil report, that it would cause them to have to wander in the wilderness for forty years. Later on, Israel would not follow God’s ways. They were warned, but they chose to take an attitude of, "It will be all right." They were wrong. Little did they suspect that their nation would be destroyed. Little did they suspect that they would be carried away captive.

Little did the rich man suspect that he would be in hell, in Luke chapter 16. Little did Ananias and Sapphira suspect that they would be struck dead for lying, in Acts chapter 5. When a person chooses to disobey God, even in something small, he is giving a place to Satan to attack him. Neither does Satan put in the person's mind how he plans to attack him. Disobedience brings judgment, and MERCY REJOICETH AGAINST JUDGMENT-Ja 2:13.

James H Tolbert

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