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Where do you buy slow loris?

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where chould i get a slow loris

May 10, 2007 ProFauna Indonesia?s activists performed a stunt suspended from a bridge carrying banners calling for the ban of the illegal trade of slow lorises (Nyecticebus coucang).

The government has been accused of not taking serious steps to protect wild species and failing to enforce the law adequately.

The slow loris, or locally known as kukang or malu-malu, is a small animal of the primate group. It has large eyes, moves very slowly amongst tree branches and is a nocturnal shy animal. Sadly slow lorises are much hunted for the domestic and international ?exotic pet? trade causing further depletion to their population in the wild.

Wildlife traders normally extract their teeth using pliers without anesthesia before selling them, leading to the high mortality due to infection, poor handling and animal cruelty.

ProFauna Indonesia is working with international scientists and other conservationists to increase the protection of slow lorises by listing them in Appendix I of CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species Fauna and Flora). If this proposal is approved, the international trade could be more tightly controlled. This proposal will be submitted at the 14th CITES conference in The Hague, the Netherlands, from June 3 to 15.

The slow lorises are protected by law in Indonesia, based on a 1973 Agriculture Ministry decree, and further clarified by a 1999 government regulation on preserving flora and fauna species. The sale and ownership of a protected animal is unlawful based on a 1990 law on the conservation of natural resources and the ecosystem; perpetrators are liable to a five-year prison sentence and a fine of Rp 100 million (approx US$11,000). However domestic and international trafficking of protected Indonesian species is still rife.

ProFauna cited a foiled attempt to smuggle 91 lorises from Indonesia to Kuwait through Soekarno-Hatta airport in Jakarta in January 2003. A similar incident occurred in June 2004, when police were able to prevent an attempt to smuggle three lorises to Korea and Japan through the same airport. According to data from ProFauna, around 7,000 lorises have been caught and traded since 2000.

Sold for around Rp 175,000 (approximately US$20) each, the arboreal slow-moving primate, which survives on bamboo clusters, is not only sold in animal markets, but also at shopping malls in major cities, such as Surabaya, Malang, Medan, Banjarmasin and Bandar Lampung.


As cute as these creatures are, they're endangered.  It's inhumane to take these creatures from their home range only to be subjected to the ills of the pet trade where many die in the process.  Personally, if they weren't endangered, I'd actualy would like to adopt one...but knowing that all sub-species of slow loris are endangered.

You're a total loser for saying that the lories will get you chicks. First of all, if you can't get a girl without an animal, what makes you think you will get one with that? You can't fuck with endangered animals. How about this...if people like you didn't exist, there would be plenty of lories to adopt because assholes like you wouldn't be killing them. You probably know NOTHING about them. How about I pull all your teeth out without giving you something for pain. You're a little bitch, I can see why you don't get pussy....Fuckin faggot

Excuse me good sir, but I don't see any reason why we must degrade ourselves by using petty insults and profanity.

Slow Lorises are just the mack daddies of the animal kingdom, a true poon magnet. That's just the situation, or the 'sitch' as it were.

Now I'm not pointing fingers...but I have a sneaking suspicion that someone who has commented on this thread may or may not be consumed with jealous for the slow loris' mad pussy wrangling abilites.

Now taking it out on an unassuming slow loris enthusiast is not a good way to deal with your sexual frustration. Ripping me a new one over the internet is not going to help you get your nut.

All I'm trying to say is, slow loris fuck yeah! It's hard to love slow loris', and plan all the crazy shennanigans me and my pet loris would get into, with all you downer debbies. Everywhere I went, it was ubiquitous "Don't adopt a slow loris. It's bad." I had to make a stand for all the harmless slow loris zealots across the globe!

And I don't know what type of fucked up shit you do to your animals buddy, that's not my business, what goes on in your house is your stuff, but I wasn't planning on "fucking with" my endangered slow loris new best friend. No judgements though, keep on truckin big guy.

I guess you're right man. You cut to the core you know? I'm just disappointed in myself that I just can't be more like you! I mean I try and I try, but no matter the effort exerted I can't seem to pick up that goddamned charm of yours. Well, maybe someday...I can only hope. For the time being I'll just have to resort to crying myself to sleep and pretending I guess. Thanks for helping me straighten shit out.

And as terrified as I am by your, might I add very graphic, threats, I actually just had my teeth cleaned so it'd be stellar if you could leave those alone for a little while. I got a date friday night see, and I can't show up without my teeth. How would I get some. Oh, I don't know. MAYBE IF I HAD A SLOW FUCKING LORIS. He'd get me tang. You wouldn't

I rest my case.

ohkay well i am going to be really useless and not have an answer but whoever the person is who has slow loris as their name.. you are amazing. how can you have a comeback as good as that?!?! i think i might actually love you :P hehehehe. anyway i just thought id let you know that i appreciated your comment...its always good to know you're appreciated :)  that person totally got boid... bravo 
my friend lives in russia.. apparently slow loris' arnt illegal there....going over to visit her soon....may have to look into adopting one :)

Slowloris and Kimber why the hell guys dont you go  to live in the jungle if you like the wild animals so much!!! Maybe there you can also meet the monkey girls or cows you date usually ;)

I agree with Kimber and Slow Loris; all you eco-nazi's ever do is complain about shit. How about you do something productive and go shoot some of our own species, that way we can begin thinning out the population that you oh-so detest. For the rest of us; however, we will continue to enjoy our lives and look for awesome additions to further enhance our poon gaining potential. So I guess what I am trying to say is, continue being an annoying pessimistic eco-nazi, and the rest of us will continue to laugh at you.

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