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I think so.

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How to control and channelize your anger properly, without hurting others' feelings? I haven't tried hitting pillows but some friends told me that it works. Have you ever tried it?

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How do you develop these "Anger Management Techniques"? Can you do it by yourself through reading a guide book, or do you need a mentor?

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Alas feeble minded leftist, you continue to sulk, prove your incompetence, and boast of your immaturity. What good is any leftist vice? Unfortunately, leftists cannot reason hence they exist only on ...

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online colleges are a great option for those who cannot attend a regular school. Whether you are a stay at home parent, a serious professional, or someone who cannot afford expensive traditional degrees – online colleges provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to get a decent education and ...

If a child has anger outbursts, are they suitable for anger management

Dealing with anger in a child and with an adult can be very different. There could be many reasons why a child is prone to anger outburst. Many a times, the real issue is not in the manifestation of the the outburst itself - but something deeper. For example, a child may feel neglected and thus ...


From your description one cannot make a diagnosis without actually examining her and neuroimaging studies may be indicated. If she is harming herself I would recommend you call emergency services when this occurs for her safety as well as your own.

Child with anger issues

The question appears what to do with your own anger. A 9 year old may be capable of being annoying, but he/she isn't able to take care of all the adults that are adding their own feelings to the situation. Why should he be all happy? Sounds like a trying situation for him. And ADHD is not his ...