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I think so.

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Asked: Controlling your anger?

How to control and channelize your anger properly, without hurting others' feelings? I haven't tried hitting pillows but some friends told me that it works. Have you ever tried it?

Asked: Anger Management Techniques

How do you develop these "Anger Management Techniques"? Can you do it by yourself through reading a guide book, or do you need a mentor?

Asked: Anger Control

I can i contol my anger?

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Child with anger issues

The question appears what to do with your own anger. A 9 year old may be capable of being annoying, but he/she isn't able to take care of all the adults that are adding their own feelings to the situation. Why should he be all happy? Sounds like a trying situation for him. And ADHD is not his ...

What is the importance of regulation IVF treatment for the patient?. 2

Certain ethical problems have been raised primarily due to technology being developed which has enabled the extracted embryos to be frozen. This was widely publicised when a Californian couple died in a plane crash without leaving instructions on what to do with the frozen embryos they had left in ...

If a child has anger outbursts, are they suitable for anger management

Dealing with anger in a child and with an adult can be very different. There could be many reasons why a child is prone to anger outburst. Many a times, the real issue is not in the manifestation of the the outburst itself - but something deeper. For example, a child may feel neglected and thus ...

Anger management

Bring in a motivational speaker in to address your organization. Create a more stress-free enviornment. Group meeting and sharing ideas are the best way for all concerned. George~