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Do fallen angels live on earth, now with us? If so ...

Do fallen angels live on earth, now with us? If so...how do you know one when you're around them? Also, how would you know if you are one? Any info would be great!! Thank youInnocent

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Yes,  I think fallen angels live here on earth with us, but I don't know how you'll be able to tell when your around one. You'll probably sence it though. And as for telling if your a fallen angel I have no idea. Why? do you think that your a fallen angel?

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Thank you for your reply Wink

I have been told by a few "enlightened" people, that I'am one. But I don't know and can't find too much info on it on the web. I was hoping someone on here would know about it.

Well, talk to me anytime you seem like a cool person....

  • Because I am an angel...

you need to look for these fallen:  baliel, samaael and molloch. they would be most willing to answer you, if you are a fallen... you would know with out a doubt. however you could be marked by one, which some mediums "enlightened ones" can get a mixed signal only sensing a strong angelic force which is why they would tell you that you are one.. angels look like people, usually extraordinary beautiful. they dont go by their angelic names here they have adopted regular names... for each region they are in.

most of them stem out of romania. and have spread out. but if u think u have some kind of angelic amnesia lol... u should be able to contact the other angels with out difficulty.

samaael, very unpleasant but wisest.

beliel, has a sharpe temper but understanding and genuine

molloch, i would approach him last.

theres plenty of angels if you truly want help

email me: halogirl86@gmail.com


No, falen Angels don't live among us,they live in another dimencion. I don't believe that you are one of them..We call him Luzbel, and was one of the most beutifull angel on Heaven, until he went against God, now we call him Satan, be very careful by mentioning him, you never now.

Are trees alive, do animals and reptilians live on this planet?  Ask yourself if it could be true.  There may be some that chose to be on earth as opposed to be an angel with all the beauty and light.  Open your mind.  You will not see an angel most of the time flying around with glowing light.  You would be suprised who are among us.  This earth needs a lot of help for it to survive for the future.  Drawn on many ancient caves and pyramids you may see earthlike figures well beyond humans were here.  Some show helmets on their heads.  The question is like asking if there is a God.  What most of us think of the Supreme Being is humanlike.  We are taught religion as a child.  You must seek within yourself for the truth.  Do miracles happen, all the time.  Just look at the anatomy of the human, it is a miracle within itself.  Keep an open mind.  One may dream of an angel with the way we believe they look like.  Colors so glowing, wings so bright, a beauty you have never seen.  When you awaken the face fades, but the passed on one does not.  There are some things that are beyond of us to know.  The human brain only uses a bit.  Ever wonder why? There may come a day that the influx of knowledge will overwhelm you.  You may think then you are going crazy, but you are awakening.  Love all living creatures, even our plants and trees.  Protect this beautiful planet.  I do not know what you really mean by fallen angel?  Supposedely the devil was fallen for being greedy and wanting to take hold of more power.  But is a fallen angel a demon? I do not think so.  It is a sacrifice made beyond any human knowledge for the love of this planet and living things that would make such a being fall to this earth.  To help save it.  We suffer pain, sickeness, sorrow here.  We also feel great emotions as love, empathy, caring for each other.  These are not meant for the human individual to know of all truths.  Pollution, greed and so many other things are destroying this planet little by little.  But when a decision of to be human instead of an angel, a baby is born and those that see this individual know it is indeed an angel.  They suffer along growing up without knowledge themselves til the time is right.  They may even be of middle age by then, but they know.  Love, light, goodness will always win over darkness and evil.  So the question you ask, can not be answered.  For if an angel falls it is of human and will lose that knowledge themselves.  Until the time is right.  Will they run around telling all they are angels? Absolutely not.  So unless you already know the answer to this question, there is no answer for you at this time.  One thing I have always known though and can say for space travel to go up is the wrong way.  Years pass, all will be burnt up.  Look for another area along side the earth.  So many are being awakened at this time for a reason.  Some may be called another name.  Starseeds, Empaths, Indigo, so many more.  But what all stand for is good, love, light and teach to keep this planet earth liveable for many years to come. I just read the question of someone thinks they are a fallen angel and should know right away.  Not so.  Until the time is right, you are on the wrong site to ask this question

Fallen angels came to earth and had babies with human women and they were called nephilin, God created the flood because they were evil and killed the nephilin, but where did Goliath come from i think some of us have angel blood coursing through out veins.

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