Ange slaps Brad?

Apparently Angelina slapped Brad after she caught him rubbing the nanny's back on her bed.  Was she right to do this?

Ange slaps Brad?

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He had no right what so ever being in the Nanny's ROOM. No touching allowed in my mind

My answer isa that she should of slapped both

She has.. Brad shouldn't be doing this in the first place..

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 I dont not agree with his actions, but I dont know what Ange expects, he could not be faithful to a women he was married to.

He has to be cheating. He strayed to Angelina and will stray from Angelina

obviously. if that at all... he should deserve mroe.

ohh my god she did the right thing....there a married couple right well i wouldnt like it if my husband was rubbing the nanny's back....would u?

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