Android or iPhone?

Which do you have?

Android or iPhone?PR

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I have the iPhone.  A friend recently picked up the Android and it has some awesome features too.  I think in some instances the iPhone is ahead of the Android and in others, the droid is ahead of the iPhone.  I'm sticking with my iPhone for now and don't anticipate any switch anytime soon, unless something hits the market that offers something so incredible that I can't resist.

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Neither one..




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I really don't care for them. Give me a regular cell phone.

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I had an iphone before but now i am using Android its Samsung Galaxy s2 and i love almost every thing about it especially the addictive games which are available on android marker. While using this i have the feeling of owning this machine on the other hand iphone is to bound and restricted.

I love my iPhone. It improved my quality of life from day one. Other phones may have this too, but these applications were so easy to use: the maps, podcasts, notes, calendar, time clocks, contacts, camera and photos, and sending pictures by email. Lastly, the sound quality of the speaker when I listen out loud is excellent.

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