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Anderson Cooper comes out: I'm Gay. Is this a wise move? Is it too late? Will it change anything?

Oh geez here we go again! :-/ I ? love Anderson Cooper he is good on the T.V I think it is better if TMZ didn't caught him and would let him speak for himself then all this gossip wouldn't happen that he is Gay! Or he is a He/She everybody needs space! He needs to be stopped being put on TMZ that he is gay because nobody wants to hear all that it is Personal stuff like come on man! And i Think this gay stuff is meant to be privacy not just public stuff TMZ Don't wreck his chances of calling him Gay so what if he is or not Gay People are great party planners they are always talkative so bam there u go TMZ!

Be REAL TMZ!!! -_-

HI EVERYONE JUST CAME BACK ON 9/24/12 just checking in on whats new nothing?
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