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Ancienteggsi found a solid rock egglike to no wut kind it is

ancienteggsi found a solid rock egglike to no wut kind it is

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At what age is it safe to introduce solid foods to a child and what are

We waited until about 5 months to introduce cereal because we have a history of food allergies, but I think the recommended age is 4-6 months. We started with rice cereal and then moved on to oatmeal. It may take a while for your baby to get used to the whole process of eating (my first took about ...

How do i introduce my baby to solid foods?

we just tried small soft things, and nothing like fish or nuts, just in case there was a reaction, and we deffinately knew if it was something that she liked, because the face tells it all!

What's the best way to introduce solid foods to my baby?

You didn.t say how old the baby is, but ask the doctor first to make sure the baby's stomach can tolerate solid food. You can take foods like,beans,carrots,peas,and just about any thing and put in your blender and puree it .That saves saves money to buy all those clothes you will be needing for a ...