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The only true religion and most ancient, is the worship of the sun, moon and the elements.


Elemental nature spirits do exist. They are the life force which pervades every living thing on this earth.   They are separate, yet they are one.


They do not require worship or sacrifice - only respect for the natural balance of nature.


That is the ultimate truth.


Live with it.

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Anonymous Comment

Rocmike give it a break.

Melvin Whitcombe

Why would you worship the creation, rather than the Creator?

Anonymous Comment

ZZZzzzzzz...!!!  Whu..! UH!!??  Durrh!



stressed Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

A's R terrified of losing control.
They play games, go crazy w/ hate.
Explains them all 100%.
Nothing still a mystery.

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Rocmike why do all of your aliases go to old questions and answers? AP-Ladydarko does the same thing. Could it be you are the same poster? Rocmike get help.

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