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Paganism, in a much simpler form than we practice today, is the first known religion. We know this from ancient fertility/Goddess carvings. In essence, the icon of the Mother. As well, they believed that every thing that existed had a spirit. We pagans also believe this now. Early humans had no choice but to live in an intimate relationship with the world around them. One develops a deeper appreciation of all the spirits of the earth when one is in the middle of it. This is a gift that modern humans have, unfortunately, neglected. Our old religion contains much wisdom if one has a mind to perceive it.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.
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Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Cult superstition.  Worship the creator, not the creation.

RighCairfhiadh Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Maybe the creator and creation are the same.


That's what I believe.

Anonymous Comment

Bony, your beliefs are utterly ridiculous.  Your people have misled others onto the paths of violence much too long and your cult will never allow the truth.  How could nature create itself?  Obviously nature cannot do so: the laws of science say why.


However, God (being far above and outside the Creation) did not need to be created.  If you worship the creation rather than the creator, then you worship yourself because you are as much a creation as the inanimate rocks around you.  What would that accomplish?  The difference between you and an inanimate rock is that you can think.  You have very cloudy thinking and came to the wrong conclusions, but you still can think.


Atheism is no better, and Islam is also prominent in that line of error.  The Jews asked the proper questions and Jesus answered them all.  2,000 years of miracles attest.


You seem to suffer the absurd notion that religion and faith are related.  In no way is this the case.  Faith is trust in a Personal God, and religion is the effort we make in His name to work together to help one another. 


You need to clear the cobwebs out of your head and learn critical thought.


Your error is old and obvious.  If you thought it through you would see the sheer absurdity of paganism.  Besides, its track record isn't the best.  Just look at Nero and Caligula to see where that leads.

RighCairfhiadh Thinks this answer is Helpful:

the laws of science don't explain a God that is outside creation. You need to decide what you believe. Out of one side of your mouth you spout the laws of science, and out of the other you spout 2,000 years of miracles. The laws of science don't explain miracles. Or is it you only expect the laws of science to explain what you don't believe in?


I do worship a creator. I'm also very nonviolent, so you obviously know nothing about my faith. As far as science, I see no conflict between religion and science. If you do see one, then perhaps your religion needs reexamining.

stressed Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Believe the truth.
A's never had it.
A's make excuses & demand hate.
That is how they control U.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike by using the letter A in every post instead of the word Atheist, do you think people will not think that Stressed is not another one of your aliases? Rocmike give it a break.

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