What is Analytical Chemistry's relevance to the ...

What is Analytical Chemistry's relevance to the human body and the enviroment (or how it relates)? i've looked everywhere and i cant find an answer anywhere. if you know the answer or a website with this info can u please show me. Thanks

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Lab chemists deal with the composition of materials they intend to process.  Mining and extraction chemists deal with ores and their commercial value.  It is very common that a company will find a minable ore that is loaded with an element they never expected to find and is worth considerably more than what they went after originally. 

The difficulty is usually in the extraction of that element.  For example, lead mines in eastern Nevada and western Utah found that the ore they sought was very rich in silver.  Tailings from their pits now yeild significant quantities of Bismuth, Astatine, and Radon.  The Comstock Pit yeilds more copper than lead from its tailings although they originally went in for Silver.

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