Anal sex and marriage in the Jewish Halacha

In the Jewish "Halacha" there's a concept called "Kidushey Bi'a", which I don't know how to translate. The idea is that in certain conditions (such as the presence of two witnesses), an intercourse between a man and a woman makes them a husband and wife. Is that concept limited to vaginal intercourse, or does anal intercourse count too? (I am assuming that anal sex is NOT prohibited by the "Halacha").

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Anal sex between man and a women is probably permitted because mutual pleasure is in large part the goal of sexual intimacy. However, if  the woman finds it painful it should not be done - this is just common decency and respect. With regard to Sodom, I believe the reference is to homosexual anal sex. In terms of waisting seed, I believe you can say sex while on the pill can be considered  waisting seed too. And what about sex while pregnant - doesn't that waste seed? Lets not allow a non-Jewish Puritan view of sex to influence Jewish thought. Sex is for enjoyment, not just for procreation as the Puritans believe. Please do not take what I've written as Halacha. Consult an authority for that.

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But I think your last assumption is wrong, anal sex is "maase Sdom", no?


Generally speaking, you are right. But, I understand that the Halacha allows it between married couples, as the pleasuring of the partners is considered important enough for the stability of the marriage. I understand that this permit is, perhaps, only relevant when the partners are already married, but it suggests that there isn't a total and complete prohibition on anal sex.

A friend of mine is claiming that the concept of marriage in Judaism has a strong link to property law (he's right: the Hebrew word for "husband" and for "owner" is the same word - "Ba'al"), so the important part un Kidushey Bi'a is the fact that the husband acts like an owner and has sex with the wife as he likes.

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The halacha does not allow anal sex - When  human seed go to waste,  G-d’s sacred and divine potential are squandered.

ההנחה שלך לא נכונה. מין אנאלי מותר בהלכה אלא שזה לא מומלץ ומעיד על פחיתות (ובכך ההלכה נותנת מקום אף לסטיות של אנשים בתנאי שזה בתוך המסגרת המשפחתית ובהסכמת אשתו). ולעצם השאלה: מכיוון שביאה שלא כדרכה (כך זה נקרא), מותרת, היא אף מקדשת.



sorry anout the hebrew i hope that it's limit, becouse my english is . . .

Thanks, Maisels.

Can you refer me to the source of your answer (prefferably onlineת, and it can be in Aramic, if neede)?


תודה, מייזלס

יש באפשרותך להפנות אותי למקור שעליו תשובתך מסתמכת (עדיפות למקור מקוון,  ואני לא מפחד מארמית).


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המקור הכי פשוט הוא בספר היד החזקה (רמב"ם) הלכות אישות פרק ג' הלכה ה

Originally, according to Jewish law there were three ways to consummate a marriage: (1) intercourse (kiddushei bi'a) in a closed room with two witnesses outside the door to ensure privacy; (2) money paid to the father or to the woman and (3) a document containing the names and terms of the marriage. The man is essentially buying the right to be the woman's sole partner; he does not buy her outright. Later the rabbis outlawed intercourse with two witnesses because it is gross and crude. In time a ring worth at least one penny was used to seal the transaction in front of two witnesses and the couple then retires to a closed room with the two witnesses standing outside the closed door. Bride and groom then eat a small meal before going out. Being in this room alone and together represents their total unity. Intercourse is recognized as being vaginal only. Any other form which is impossible to lead to pregnancy is absolutely forbidden and is referred to as sodomy.

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