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Hahahhaahhahaahahah, what a friggin laugh. Maybe we need more apologies.

To qote Rev. Wright "The chickens have come home to roost."  And might I add to dodo on Obamas' administration and his failed horribly foreign policy of kowtow, bowbow, apologize, sympathize and huggy wuggy.

It has only begun and with every new event as Obama goes about his campaigning as if nothing happened people will begin to realize what a cold hearted, incompetent insult even to Carter he is and it will cost him the election.

We had people killed and he goes on his way as the entire Middle East is in an uproar.  He should have addressed the nation post haste with a speech assuring the American people he was speaking to the leaders of these countries and letting them know this would not be tolerated and there would be no funds coming into their countries until we were positive that they were indeed friends of America.  He should then have canceled all his appointments and surrounded himself with his best advisors military etc etc etc to get all he could about the situation while getting all the embassy personel and their families out of the Middle East along with all the other countries.

He should then listen to his commanders and generals on the ground because believe me folks our men are sitting ducks even with all the munitions at hand these people are not just thousands but millions and if they see that this country is not going to respond swiftly with the above and reinforcements to our men and decide to do the big dirty we are looking at a mess that will make Carters' situations look like playtime.

I was appalled that it took Obama til the next day to respond and that the news media did not report it until long after it happened and said they were not sure of the facts.  Al Jazeera had all the details hours prior and they were amazed that there was no response on our news.  This was and is a big deal folks no doubt about it.

Obama is definately out of the WH this has sealed his fate. This "Amateur" rightly labeled by Bill Clinton has not a clue what to do nor do his cronies.

Lady Darko

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The far right doesn't seem to be making any traction with this phony issue. On the other hand Romney not only embarrassed himself but our country trying to politicize a crisis.


Read  the New York Times for Obama's response.


Bertha I also said on Huffington Post that the film was made by an Egyptian Copt according to Al Jazeera news and so it turned out to be so.

I also said the Ambassador was tortured.  I know the face of one who is tortured when I see it I was right on again.  There is no mystery or prophetic understanding to what is happening in the Middle East and since it has been so many days past I was right about the Ambassador and that this thing would grow.

Obamas' aloofness comes from the fact that he has made strides since day one to give the Middle East to Hezbollah, Al Qaeda et al and push Israel into a corner.  Which he has accomplished.  For him to tell the American People that Democracy will take time is a lie because there is no Democracy in Sharia Law.

He has now turned his attention to Asia and the area that Japan and China are fighting over is indeed the gateway to the world.  Pennetta already agreed with the U.N. that Obama would sign over sovereignity of the seas to the U.N.  He who owns the seaways owns the world.  Obama must not be re-elected. 

I do not read the New York Times but I heard about the article.  Thanks.

Lady Darko

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Romney knows nothing about foreign policy and not only embarrassed himself but our country when he tried to politicize a tragedy. He is falling farther behind in the swing states. Obama will win because unlike Romney Obama is for all Americans and not just for the top 1%.

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