Do Americans know that Obamacare does away with pre-existing conditions for health insurance coverage?

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Romneycare in Massachusetts did that first. It was nice of Barry to copy it.

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Health insurance covers several health care expenses such as; hospitalization, day-to-day care, medicine expenses, surgeries and there are few more benefits you can get from health insurance . It depends upon health plan you purchase and insurance companies, health care expenses covered by health ...

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The singapore medical insurance policy I’ve taken up is the MyShield plan which I think is quite good. But for pre-existing conditions, you have to opt for the full medical underwriting option and declare your entire medical history.

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I can very well understand the expense that the medical takes because I too have gone through the same phase. That’s where I decided to take a health insurance for myself from Royal Sundaram. It does cover pre-existing diseases and has no medical test for the age below 50. I mainly selected them ...

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I do not believe booze is Cooper's only problem.