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You hear the stats daily and they are always different depending on who is giving them.

I will tell you with over 25 years as an RN working in positions from one end of the spectrum to the other nobody goes without care.  Let me go further.  In every town across this country there are clinics set-up for those without insurance.  There are clinics that treat adults and clinics that treat children.  These people get everything free from surgeries to their medications.  If they are a victem of a crime most states have a Victems Fund that will pay for any truamatic event suffered by any person.  Nobody goes to a hospital or clinic without getting stabalized then given the information they need to the free clinics and healthcare in their state.

If you doubt this just look in your phone book under County and State there you will find page after page after page of clinics and free mental health.

However this will end with Obamacare.  Look into the law.  It is thousands of pages long but the areas most individuals are interested in are easy to look-up and it is horrifying.  Trust me..........no don't trust me look it up for yourself.

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 Rocmike your aliases have held every profession under the sun. First of all you may be able to go to the emergency room but try getting preventive care or post care. It is not hard for people like you that leech of the government but for hard working middle to lower class people who make a little to much to get government help.

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