American Bulldog whelps, bumps, hives, skin problems

I want to know

the cause for the skin bumps on my dog...he has been treated by the vet for hot spots(now he is an inside dog out of the sun), ring worms(misdiagnosis), screened for mites(neg), finally the vet says allergy to does seem to help when he takes a round of antibiotic(for hot spots/staph infection) and antihistamines(for scratching and bumps).  Right now I am giving him antihistamines and it is under control but the bumps are still there.  Just not real bad.  Does anyone have this problem with their dog?  What causes the bumps and how do you treat them?
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I can guess that your is suffering from the symptoms you sort of mentioned in the subject. I think that simplest thing to do is taking him to a vet. There are many skin ointments that can cure your dogs skin problem.

You didn't specify the question...

Sorry, I fixed the question.  If you have any info please reply

My English Bulldog has been getting these bumps all over as well.   They stay about two or three days, and are quite an eye-sore!  They don't seem to be bothering her too much, and Benadryl seems to help some.

My bulldog has these bumps right now.  They look like large mosquito bites and are all over both sides of her body.  The first time she had them, they did not bother her.  This time she is rubbing on the couch trying to scratch them.  Not sure what's causing them.  Benedryl does seem to help with the itching.  If anyone knows what causes this, please reply!!

I would start on the inside and work out. What type of food is your dog eating ? What are the first 5 ingredients ? If the food is high in grains and corn he may have a food allergy that is causing the hotspots and skin issues. Sometimes a change in the food formulation will cause problems that were never present before. I need a bit more info before I can really begin to give guidance. Thanks !

my american bulldog has the same symptoms......hives,welps,red bumps. i have spent over 700 dollars at a dog dermatologist and nothing seems to be working. i am so frustrated. it all started as soon as he turned one and the warmer weather moved in. i have changed food but to no avail....royal canin all vegetable....boy,  was he pissed. medications work but the day i start weaning him off of them the hives just start coming back....anybody want to buy a 120 lb. 13month, spotted eye, brindle bulldog? he's beuatiful and going cheap!

Get you bull dog off the Royal Cain, it is junk food.


Find California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato Adult Dry Dog Food or Chicken & Rice formula and switch to that or any food that is human grade ASAP.


Vet's traditionally do not have a good base in food and nutrition as many of the huge dog food companies provide their lines to be sold at the vet's office and offer a kick back. Not saying it right or wrong, just the way it is.


Do your research  on the natural human grade foods that are available like Evo, Healthwise, Innova, Orijen Timber Wolf  or look up raw food diets. Many dogs that do not thrive on kibbles will have a complete turn around when fed on a raw diet. Look up BARF Diet for dogs or the raw prey model diet.


I am sure you will find a better diet will help resolve the skin problems.

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