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Ambien dose

Is it safe to take 20 mg of Ambien to help get to sleep at night?  My doctor prescribed one 10 mg per night, but it isn't helping. 

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Hi there dylansmom. I see a Nurse practictioner who specializes in Pharmacology, and I myself was taking 20mg of Ambien which didn't work for me. I suggest you consult whoever is presciribing your meds. Never make changes on your own! I no longer take the Ambien, because It just didn't have the effect I needed. Restoril, which is an oldie but goodie has worked tremendously for me. I need sleep, as I have problems which if I don't get sleep cause are very difficult to deal with. So, I suggest you see your Dr. if you haven't already and see if the higher dose is possible and if it works for you then stick with it! 

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If you are not sleeping well on 10mg, I'd suggest speaking with the doctor, but under no circumstance should you double your dose without speaking with the doctor first.

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Thank you for your answer.  I would rather quit taking Ambien altogether than keep taking it and getting addicted. 

NO. This is a bad pill. Never take it if you don't go right to bed. I stayed up for awhile after taking it and wow was I ever hallucinating. If he gave you10 mg. and it doesnt work ask for something different. TJJ

The funny thing is, whenever I take Ambien, whether right when I go to bed or an hour before, it still takes me at least two hours to get to sleep.  That's why I was asking about taking two--one does not seem to work for me.

Thank you anneabelle! After another sleepless night with Ambien, I am now going to consult a sleep disorder specialist.  I hope it won't be too hard to stop taking Ambien without side effects.

HI, generally it's not supposed to have any severe side effects. I personally think everyone is different. I don't know what other meds. your on so that might have an effect on how the Ambien absorbs into your system... I know a few people who haven't had the best of results with Ambien. A sleep specialist will certainly be able to help, if you are a candidate. Good Luck!

Never increase a med without checking with whoever prescribed it.  We often use with our pts. Seroquel 25-50mg, Remeron 15mg or Trazadone 50mg+.  Make sure whatever you take doesn't interefere with meds you are on.

Actually, I found an answer on a sleep disorder website, and decided that because of my age (65), I just have to live with not being able to sleep during the night, and take naps during the day when I can't keep my eyes open.  So now I'm weaning myself off of the Ambien and I feel much better.  Thanks for your answers, though.

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