Ambassador for Christ Convention of Churches

Does anyone know where Ambassador for Christ Convention of Churches is holding meetings in Florida?

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8600 W.Highway 98 Pensacola, Florida 32506

also the conventiions  are taken to different state in the US one was just here in Maryland 4/24-26-09.

I need to know a little more about embassador for christ convention of churches does anybody know?  

Jan 8-10 2010

meeting in Pensacola Fla.

Next meetings will probably be Tallahassee in the Federal Penitentiary. If you really want to get in the ground floor of this Ponzi scheme, you'll have to pony up a few thousand dollars. But, don't worry: the secret UN programs, and God himself, will refund you 2,000% of your "tithe."

Be wary of ALL the people associated with ACCC*! (A Criminal Conspiracy to Con Christians)

Before you sign up for this org. please pray and asked for God's discernment.

Remember these are the end times and people will be lovers of money. The Bible says that even the elect will be deceived. Trust on the promises of God and not on the promises of men.

I actually had signed up and went to about 6 meetings, the last time I went I prayed. God gave me Joshua 9, where it says the Ambassadors were in disquise. That was in 2009 I can't believe that they are still lying to me. Its so sad....

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