Discuss conan silverman's answer to: Who has amateur photos or videos of protest of 7/3/2013 against nc senate abortion bill?

photos video nc senate abortion bill protest july 3 2013

Talk about a thorny issue.  Is someone trying to get a nasty argument going and then capitalize on it?

Leftists and hard-core pornography are as inseparable as homosexuality and slow death by AIDS. What a pity that leftist child molesters actually want sympathy -- so that they can go out, kidnap more children, and give them AIDS as a death sentence.
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Trampo Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Might be, Conan.  We got ONE leftist here that would get out of her car in the rain to argue with a stop sign.  Thing is, she never thinks any thing through.  She only stops at spewing personal hate and that is as far as leftists ever get.


So, figure on Tadpole trying to force you to take sides with her the way Hitler done, cause that is how all leftists are and that is all they ever can be.


Nothing more to 'em than that.

Anonymous Commenter Thinks this answer is Helpful:

That truly is the best description of Tadpole ever posted.

PonderWithMe Thinks this answer is Helpful:

I am not sure that any such "protest" ever took place, as there was no report on C-Span or CNN.  This would not be the first ridiculous hoax I have seen leftists trying to start on AOL Answers.




Leftist hoaxes are usually short lived, extremely prejudicial, and lacking in merit of any sort which means they were outright lies from the beginning. 




Realize that anyone who is desperate enough to live on sappy hoaxes like this is not rational enough to ever take seriously.

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