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Now i am 22. my penies is too short . how to make it big.

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Have a ceiling fan?   get some strechy cord and tie to end of your penis, and tie other end to that ceiling fan you sleep under.

keep shortening the cord .. make it stretch more each week.

Just ask others in your house not to turn on the ceiling fan while you are in the bed after that.   You don't want peperoni slices or to be hung by your penis.


On slim chance you were serious, see a doctor about it.    And I assume it does gets hard (erection), because its suppose to be short when it is not!  There actually is such a thing a "micro penis" (1 in 200 males I have heard, not sure) and you should see a doctor if you are serious with that problem.


ROBonYEDDA@YAHOOl.com Wisdom comes from Study, Travel & Life experiences! MY YEDDA CONCEPT IS: Good questions deserve good answers; Poor ones deserve a quick/poor answer. Dumb or silly, deserves same ... and the occasional but inevitable Idiots are best just ignored.

Sorry.  You are stuck with the original equipment you were manufactured with.  There are creams and pills that increase blood flow to the penis, but the change in size is minimal.  I would be willing to bet that your penis is just fine.  Don't worry about the small stuff . . . . .er . . . . the unimportant stuff.  You were given fingers and a tongue at birth.   Learn how to use them and any woman will appreciate what you have to give.

~ "Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace." Buddha ~ S.N.O.T.S., Inc. ~ ~

Listen to Skitch bro... just deal with what you have and learn to use it to your advantage.   We all want a bigger one..lol..   I am sure your penis is just fine for doing the job!  Don't let it worry you

Let's talk sex...Politics... Religion... I have an opinion on all :) :)

It could be this long

Tie a string to it ,the other end to a door knob ,then slam the door.Do this 35 times

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