Allow me to pose a question to Physicalist, if he thinks he understands science.

Respected colleague, would you care to expound on: gravitational lensing; gamma-ray bursts; and cosmic background radiation?

Remember: you must justify your conclusions mathematically.

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I'd like to try at an answer, Dr. Mike.  I'm an architecture student so I don't know a lot about that but I'm glad to bone up on it.  I'd really like to know.

If you think Obama's system is working, ask someone who isn't!

I don't think Rockmike could prove 1+1=2

Gravitational lensing is when the path of light from a great distance is bent around large gravitational fields. For instance, the light from a quasar that reaches us may have had a galaxy or star it's direct path, so the light we see is that which gravity bent towards us.

Gamma Ray burst are the extreme electromagnetic energy explosions that occur when stars collapse.

cosmic radiation are simply the particle of energy floating about space. Some from stars, some possibly from the big bang itself. When detecting signals from SETI they eliminate the "noise" of these particles in search of patterns that would assume to be evidence of an intelligent origin.


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