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Allergic to egyptian cotton

egyptian cotton..can someone be allergic to this even if they r not allergic to cotton

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From my own personal experience I am experiencing itching from my Egyptian cotton sheets but when I use my regular sheet set I have no reaction to them.

I would like to know if others have experienced a reaction as well?

I experience severe conjunctivitis from using 'Egyptian cotton' pillow cases. Never have I had an allergy to 'cotton' before. From my testing at home, the conjunctivitis is ONLY associated with 'Egyptian cotton.' There are no other factors involved. I have had to remove them from my bedding permanently. Instead I use ANY non-'Egyptian cotton' pillow cases and am fine. I can also use 'Egyptian cotton' sheets, as long as I don't put my head in them. I use my eyes for work all day long and find this to be a primary problem in my life. I won't ever be buying 'Egyptian cotton' again and will not be giving away my disused pillow cases as I am concerned about the effect on other people.

I can easily imagine someone's skin being sensitive to this stuff, although I have had no problem in that respect.

Yes, I tested laundry soaps, nanoscopic monsters from outer space and Munchausen's Syndrome. It's the 'Egyptian cotton' that's specifically the problem. I seriously wonder exactly what this stuff is, seeing as I absolutely love normal cotton for all things in my life.

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