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What alcohol is the least bad to drink with acid reflux

What alcohol is the least bad to drink for someone who suffers from Acid Reflux/GERD? I know abstaining from alcohol is often recommended but I'm asking for something to drink in social situations where an alcoholic drink is nice.  I know red wine is terrible for me.

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You are right that red wine is not good for you. Stick to clear liquids. I would recommend vodka. If you like mixed drinks, then make sure to add something non-acidic, like tonic water or soda. Enjoy and good luck :)

beer.  I have GERD and I can drink 6 beers before I get sick.  Wine is like one glass and I have a lump in my throat, vodka would kill you, anything hard liquer is BAD for GERD.  I was told by my doctor that Blue Moon is good for the Gerd.  He was right.  Just don't let them put the orange peel on the glass

I drink beer and I was told thats not good with my acid reflux.

well not sure how to answer the acholol question, but if you would like to eliminate your acid reflux and gerd all together click on this link to get your FREE copyof PAIN FREE IN ONE DAY and learn the true way to heartburn free days.


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well the fact is that all alcohol is bad for acid reflux because it weakens the valve in your throat that keeps the acid from coming up from your stomach into your throat

here is some help if you want to stop heartburn

I take somac every night, sometimes doubling up helps, do what we will to our bodies.

Hi Ray, the answer to this question depends on your own body system. Each of us is built differently, Meaning one may get acid reflux by drinking beer while the other may get acid reflux from drinking coffee.

The best way is to experience and find what best suits your metabolism. Just avoid taking what makes your body react, and you will be fine.

To find more solutions to acid reflux you could take a look at a drug-free approach to cure acid reflux with organic or natural acid reflux remedies.

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