How much does an aircraft carrier cost ?

The U.S navy has several aircraft carriers , they are huge , nuclear powered sailing air fields , I am wandering how much does an aircraft carrier cost ?

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The above answer is correct for the past generation.

The modern aircraft carrier are much more expensive:

mentions a cost of 8.78 billions for aquisition of the new generation of CVNX type (navy estimate)

Another site mentions 11 billions:

Construction on the CVNX-2, a more advanced ship with a new hull design and $11 billion price tag, would start in 2009, not 2007 as planned for CVNX-1. The Navy's plan would cancel the CVNX-1, but start CVNX-2 in the same time slot — 2007.

CVNX-1 will feature a new design nuclear propulsion plant leveraging three generations of submarine reactor technology. The requirement for a new nuclear propulsion system reflects a need for a reduction in manning, maintenance, acquisition, and life cycle costs.


Now that's one expensive boat !

You have to consider a couple of things:

1) Costs change with time (materials, labor, technology).

2) Inflation devaluates the dollar (especially now ;-).

3) The quoted new carrier (already known to be named after Gerald Ford) is a new class, so its price cannot be equaled with Nimitz class carriers.

And now to numbers:

$160m yearly operating cost is for FY96. Nowadays more likely to be as much as $220-250m.

$4.5bn build cost is for FY01 (CVN-77).

I've seen a report for Congress prepared in 2005 that estimated development costs of the new carrier (CVN-78) to $3.2bn and build cost to $10.5bn.


And purely for your entertainment: The wikipedia page on the F-16 fighter quotes a unit price (for C/D model) of $19m FY98. From good sources I can tell you that nowadays this plane (a newer model)  costs around $35m for USAF and $45m for export. How's that price stability ;)

[Of course, a fighter jet is a totally different kind of animal, so you can't directly map those price rises onto carriers.]

what do you ment by labour cost of aircraft

How much does an aircraft carrier cost / price.

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