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How do you deactivate an old aim email account? I ...

How do you deactivate an old aim email account? I still use the screen name but I no longer use the aim email. It was deactivated but I did something to reverse that, but now I would like to deactivate it again, no clue what I originally did. Thanks!!

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Maybe it was all just a mistake. What were you thinking when you chose that screen name for your AIM Mail account?

But however appalling your mistake may be, it is easily matched by AOL's: they forgot to include a way to close your AIM Mail account and cancel the screen name. No matter why you want to get rid of your AIM Mail account, to a certain extent you're stuck with it.

Fortunately, you can virtually erase it. Delete all personal information as well as all existing emails, and have an auto-responder let senders know about your new preferred address.

After you have not logged on to your AIM Mail account for six months, it will be deleted automatically.

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How do you deactivate an old aim email account?

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If you're a free user, just stop using the account. AOL will get rid of it eventually. If you really want your account gone or if you pay for AOL, go to http://help.aol.com and search for "How to cancel" to get instructions.