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What age should you have your prostate checked?

What age should you have your prostate checked? I am a 26yr old male & just about to have my first physical exam. I feel like my prostate should be checked, but I dont want to ask If its not the thing to do at this age. I have also had an inguinal hernia removed a few years ago. I found it myself then eventually went to the Doctor as Ive never had a physical. I would rather be fully checked over, including prostate check, but want to know what is the normal age for this? Also is it a long or invasive procedure? Do you have to be fully or partly naked in a physical/prostate exam?

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You should be doing regular testicular self-exams now, but a prostate exam can wait until you're 40.

Just ask your dr if he thinks you should have a prostate exam. The procedure takes less than 3 minutes and consists of the dr inserting a gloved, lubed index finger in your rectum and feeling your prostate. It is not painful at all, but you will be exposing your butt to the dr.

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It is recommended to have yearly PSA and DRE prostate tests after the age of 45, as starting from this age the risk of having prostate disorders increase significantly. Anyway, if you have some doubts about your prostate health - check it now. Besides, you can use online IPSS prostate test by yourself. Find more info here - prostate problems symptoms .

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Go ahead with your regular checkup, but you can wait till 40 to get a prostate exam, unless something's bothering you. The exam is usually painless and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Prostate problems are very common in men over 50, so it's a good idea to proactively take care of your prostate health through natural methods. If you're interested, go through a Super Beta Prostate supplement review. With all natural ingredients, it's one of the best supplements you can use for a healthy prostate.

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