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Almost half of churchgoing Americans say their life has not changed a bit due to their time in the pews, a new survey shows. How has Church changed YOUR life?

The Church is the bride of Christ.  The Church are the people inside who believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  A church building is the place where they worship God.  When you attend Church Meetings...you are socializing with kindred spirits where you all unite together in one belief, with positivity and peace...where the Holy Spirit abides in you all at the same time...and you can feel that oneness, love and unity.  You meet together to glorify and worship the Lord Almighty.  It makes you stronger...physically, mentally and spiritually. Also...The Church helps each other...if they are following the Bible.  They take care of their own...and help others in need because there is fellowship there.  They KNOW when one of their own needs help.  If you aren't a member of a Church...unless you have family to be there when you are down and out...then you are alone.

Attending Church Meetings doesn't have everything to do with faith, though.  You can still believe and not attend...otherwise the old and disabled would be condemned for not attending. 

Anyway...this is what I believe.  I don't judge others if they don't believe as I do.  We are all only held responsible and liable on the Judgement day for the salvation or condemnation of our own souls.  So..."Judge not that ye be not judged."

I wish you all the peace that surpasses all understanding.

It is better on your soul to love...it is better on your mind and body to love.   Hate condemns and kills...and what a man thinketh in his heart...so is he.

Sincerely and with the deepest respect,

Faye Kiss

"A daughter holds your hand for only a short while...but she holds your heart forever."
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I like how you don't label others and I agree that a church is a community that helps each other plus others in need. I don't believe in a judgement day but I do believe each person who dies is shown their life and given the realization of what it truly was both the good and the bad of it. I think there is no punishment for the bad parts, just acceptance and learning of how to be better without judgement.


I can respect that, Ivan.  But I also believe that energy never dies...therefore...after you die...you spend eternity with your conscience.  Now...whether there is a heaven with streets of gold...or a burning hell below...or a Judgement day to determine where your soul spends eternity...to me...hell would be living with my conscience if I don't do unto others as I would have them do unto me.  I live my life not to intentionally hurt anyone.  I try to do good for others and live Christlike...and take care of my family...<my daughter and me> to be best of my ability.  If I die tomorrow...or in the next minute...I pray I have it right...and I will spend eternity in the Lord...in the Spirit of Love...the GREATEST POWER ON EARTH AND IN HEAVEN. 

I wish you love, Ivan.

Faye Kiss


Since you believe energy never dies, have you ever wondered about reincarnation? I don't think I believe in coming back as another animal or a bug but I kind of believe in souls being reborn into another body to learn the lessons we didn't get the last time around.


Since I'm not God...I can't answer that question.  But the way the world is going now...I hope I don't have to come back around and do it again.  That would be H E double L...for me.


snowskimountain Thinks this answer is Helpful:

All right, Ivan, you say God does not exist and God won't judge us, and then you contradict yourself saying God will send us back as an animal to suffer again and again and again just to be cruel.  That would be cruel, all right.  That is why God is not that way and you know it.


Your atheist religion is cruel, I'll give you that.  But asking us to leave Christ just because you hate Him is a bit much, don't you think? 


Atheists are not above lying.  That is why they fail.


rocmike can any of your aliases post without using the words atheists, muslims, racists, leftists, hitler or jeremiah wright?


Snowskimountain, when did I say God doesn't exist? I never said that at all and I'm not an atheist and I didn't ask anyone to leave Christ. I think everyone should believe or not believe what they want and it's not my job to tell people what to believe and I don't tell them what I believe unless they ask because I think religion is personal. And if reincarnation exists then I don't think we come back as animals because I think we'd have another chance at being a person so maybe we could get it right the next time around.


Are you the same guy who posts under all those other names and screams about atheists and Muslims and leftists all the time? You sure sound as wack as that guy. 

snowskimountain Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Am I supposed to approve of you atheists trying to take over the school system out here so you can spoon feed atheism to the kids on threat of flunking out anyone who isn't as hateful as you are? 


That latest suit you turkeys brought to bar science from schools and replace it with evolution games got laughed out of court.  What good did that suit do but prove that you know how to pick whack job lawyers to defend a whack job cult?


Am I supposed to let you people run in here with a wrecking ball and tear down every Church Building in the state because you are afraid we might not preach atheism the way you do?  Judge Petersen laughed your atheist bunch out of court last year over that.  You people were dead serious about it and you setill have your jars on every C-store counter in Vail asking for donations.


So far, you atheist whack jobs are batting zero. 


That is the way it ought to be and that is the way it is.

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Rocmike why do all of your aliases go to old questions and answers no one has been on in a long time? AP=Ladydarko does the same thing. Could it be you are the same poster? You have a sad lonely life.


If anybody's a "whack job" it's you, Snowskimountain. Or whatever your name is today. Damn, man. Go see a shrink and get some help.

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