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NEED RELATIONSHIP ADVISE ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I am in need of advise on what to do with my relationship problem. Below please find a brief description of my boyfriend and I and then I will ...

You need a serious wake up call. Do you think this behavior is normal? I have been married for 35 years. My husband has never ever treated me the way that this guy treats you.  IT IS NOT NORMAL.   It is abusive.  You need to take your child and leave. You must be sick to even put your child in that situation.  You can't even see that it is abusive! You talk about working things out!  What's to work out? How he should abuse you less?  what level of abuse is OK with you?

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Thank you for your advice. The main reason why I have gone back to him as well as trying to see if I should go back to him now is because my son absolutely loves this man and he is perfect to him. I know our relationship is NOT normal and I shouldnt allow anyone to talk or treat me that way but I feel as a mom, that I want my son to have a father figure since his biological father is a dead beat that doesnt pay or see him. All I want is to be settled down and married and have my own family, my son eventually be able to call someone dad. I have 3 sisters ( 2 older and 1 younger and they are all married with kids and I was the first one to have a child and never been married. So I just want it so badly that I put up with things I shouldnt. I thought I didnt care about my feelings as long as my son is happy. I grew up without my dad around and my stepdad was VERY mean to me and I think I deal with this because I dont really have anything to compare it to. I think or I know I have issues and that I need to speak to someone as far as why I do or deal with the things I do. Your absolutely right and it is nice to hear someone I dont know or he doesnt know to give me there input and bluntly. My family has told me the same thing as you but of course I dont listen to them. So thank you.


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