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NEED RELATIONSHIP ADVISE ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I am in need of advise on what to do with my relationship problem. Below please find a brief description of my boyfriend and I and then I will ...

Kristen, please stop waffling. If you're in therapy, keep going. If you're not, please start. Do not allow your fear to keep you in this situation. If your family won't help you or you cannot swallow your pride long enough to accept their help while you work to become healthy and self sufficient, then please look up your local women's shelter and find out what kind of help they can offer you.

Many places now have shelters and resources for women in just your situation ~ single parents with nowhere to go. Look for a support network and make use of the ones you find until you get out of this hole you dug for yourself.

Your son is 4. He "loves" your boyfriend because that's the only example he knows. You, on the other hand, are old enough to know better. Get yourself in hand and do what you know is right for yourself and your child ~ now.


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Kristen rose Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Ok, I have a beautiful home to come back to at my parents, SO I WOULD NEVER PUT OR GET MYSELF INTO A WOMENS SHELTER. In fact, my mom use to be one of the biggest supporters at the local Battered Womens Shelter here in our local town. I think you are not the best person to be given advice as for you are a very negative person. I can take criticism obviously I would expect that when I post my problem for anyone to post. I think its best for you to no longer spend your time responding to my post. Thank you

P. McMakin

Here's what you wrote in a prior comment:

"After being in this for almost 2 years he has brought my self esteem down and my self worth. And I have been holding onto it for as long as I have because I am kind of screwed. He didnt allow me to work so he had to always give me money weekly for groceries, gas, etc. and Ive allowed him to have full control over me which is my own fault. But now I feel like if I do leave him how am I going to support my son and myself until I find a job which I know i very hard t do right now, and he has stopped paying on my car that I cant afford to pay $950 monthly on so that will be repossesed in less than a month and I hve absolutely no money to even buy diapers for my son and the last thing I want to do is loan money from my family when I got myself in this mess so I got to get myself out. "

Miss I don't care about expensive things has a car payment of almost a thousand bucks a month? Your son is 4 years old and still in diapers? You have a beautiful family home to come back to but can't turn to them for help with essential expenses?

Somebody's full of bull and it's not me.

Kristen rose Thinks this answer is Helpful:

What is so funny is you are getting so angry over this. In regards to what I said, If I had been working like I wanted to but he didnt allow me to because of his insecurities I would have felt more at ease leaving because I would be able to my self as well as my son without needing him or my family too. When I threw out there that I couldnt afford my $950 car note and I left out the details which is I had a very nice car before I met him that I paid for every month that was feasable for me, my car wasnt as luxury as he liked (being that he trys to keep up with the Jones') therefore he wanted me to trade mine in and get my X5 and he had to have me co-sign because he couldnt by himself therefor on my stupidity I did but when we did that I asked him "what if" we dont work out and I havent been working nor am I, you need to be responsible for helping me get into a new car and he promised he would but now he is saying he can't. Which is wrong on his part but besides that as far as my son goes, m son is 4 and has had to have his second surgery on his testicles and bladder 2 weeks ago so he cant help that at night he still pees in the bed therefore he wears pull ups. And there is nothing wrong with that because he can NOT help it. So as Ive mentioned before you be soooooo judgemental you need to think before you freaking speak.And yes, I do have a beautful home to go to and am in, however I am 25 years old and have always been responsible and NEVER went to mommy and daddy for any money since I have been 16, and it is NOT my familys responsibility to take care of me and I dont want them to ever take care of me or my son. So, if I needed the money, yes, they would give me anything I needed. So as Ive mentioned before you be soooooo judgemental you need to think before you freaking speak. I am totally open for critisism as for I want the honest answers as for what I should do,but your comments are totally irrelevant to what I have been asking advise for as well as you are taking all of this out of context and making it something that it is not, which is about money and materialistic things. When I mentioned those kind of things it is showing more of who or what he is about to make a better understanding. And just an FYI I did finally brake up with him after him begging please dont do this and his father called me after I moved everything out yesterday and said Kristen I spoke with Joe and it is only fair to you after everything you have done to help him that he continue to pay for your car and phone and transfer money into your account to take care of you and my son for a few months until I get on my feet. So obviously if his own parents are taking my side that shows a lot on my character and that I do deserve that and its the only fair thing that he owes me at least that. Because I would hate to have to sell my Rolex, Jimmy Choo handbags, or Christian Loubiton shoes to pay for me to get a car and to buy my son diapers.... :) Oh sorry, I guess that comment was inappropriate and is being a spoiled brat. F**k off B**ch

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