I'm 26 and entering college for the first time ...

I'm 26 and entering college for the first time, tomorrow. I waited so long to enter school...well, let's just say family circumstance change (read: newly single mom). I was wondering if anyone else started their college education later, and what advice do you have for me?
Thanks in advance,

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My only advice is not to stay in the dormitory. Most people there only care about partying. I remember when I was a freshman, a third of the freshman on my floor dropped out after 1st year and also watch this Helpful Roulette .

If your school offers support services for adults entering college after a break (read: reentry students, most often women), then take advantage of any and all of them!

If your kids are still young enough that they cannot stay home alone while you are in school, load up a backpack with supplies (snacks, books, quiet toys) and take them with you. That's what I had to do!

(Of course, my daughter now informs me that sometimes she and her brother went out to the second floor walkway and routinely spit over the railing - which sometimes landed on people - but what you don't know won't hurt you! I hope.)

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As a person who has finished college quite a while ago what I do feel is that it's best to put your time to as productive a use as possible. Quite a few friends of mine after college are in careers that have little or no relationship to what they studied. If you are truly following your passion, then it's not an issue but if not don't compromise and just study something for the sake of a degree. Also try as much as possible to get some kind of part time job/do research work/volunteer/be an assistant etc. in the field that you are studying (if possible) because what you learn in the field can put you in touch with the actual experience (get street smart) instead of just studying about it. That'll really help you get ahead when you start your job search or give you enough ideas to go into business for yourself once you are through with your college education.


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