im wife is drinking so much ,i cant handle it its making me like no cares in the world ,i never use to be like the way i am .i use to be happy go luck kind a person ,and it its doing my sons head in ,he has started smoking ,stealing just to get attention or hers ,i was thinking of leaving but im a tenant(private).she wont leave any advice ,i have no family to speak too just need advice that could help

john kent

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I don't know if it's just your wife or if both of you have a drinking problem but it sounds like both of you could use some couples counselling as well as some family counselling. I would also suggest going to some kind of treatment for the problem. If she is not willing to then there needs to be major changes in both of your lives. Your son will appreciate it to the highest degree if you both take responsibilty and get back to living life.

Get your son some help, best thing you could do for the kid.  Then you both need to sit down and act like adults and discuss what's best for HIM, not you.

Both of you must talk seriously if possible early in the morning is the best time since both of your mind are relax, don't let your kid influenced by wrong doing and vises. Solve the problem as soon as possible discipline yourself.


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