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What if any is the difference between a flag, banner, or sign.? Is it only the material or structure or is it the message?

What if any is the difference between a flag, banner, or sign.?  Is it only the material or structure or is it the message?

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Hi there,

A flag is almost always made of fabric or cloth, and should always be used with a flagpole.  They can be different shapes and sizes and can be single or double sided, but one edge is always attached to a flag pole or mast. In advertising, a flag is usually used with a logo or emblem.  It is meant to flutter in the wind so text would not necessarily be legible. see the first picture on this page.

A banner can be made of fabric but is usually made from vinyl as this is a more durable material, and a banner is not meant to fly or flutter like a flag, so the heavier fabric is more suitable for this.  A banner is meant to be attached tautly and on all sides to a fence, railing, bridge etc. so it often has eyelets or holes around its edge where it can be tied on.  Banners are usually used with text or info on them and they are often more economical than signs so they are used for temporary signage.  We have a comprehensive guide to banners here.

A sign is a solid item (usually not flexible in anyway, cannot be rolled up like a banner etc.) and it can be made of any variety of materials, steel, perspex, wood, etc.  Signs are stationary and are very often attached to the side of a building, a wall, or on posts in the ground. There are so many options with signs, some images of custom signage here...

Hope this helps...

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